Projects for Inspiration

Let Your Creativity Flow.

It can be hard deciding what creative flare will bring out the best in a given space, however, with a look at our past projects for inspiration, it is likely that you’ll find some ideas to really transform your home and office area. 

At Unique Blinds, we understand how difficult it can be to find the right fit; from the sizing, to the style, to knowing where to go in Sydney. We believe that some things, should be left to the experts; we are here to inspire and guide you through your curtain and blind selection, all the way to installation.

Plantation shutters are shown in a neutral colour scheme for a bathroom in a Sydney home. This type of window covering provides the ability to reduce the lighting in a room gradually.

A Glimpse into Some of Our Projects For Inspiration

Sheer curtains displayed in a bedroom following a neutral colour scheme. This project for inspiration was completed by Unique Blinds in a Sydney-based home to showcase the grey sheer curtains' ability to softly diffuse light.
Sheer curtains, sheer beauty.

For this project, we wanted to tie together the neutral colour scheme that our client sought whilst allowing a nicely softened light to seep through and light up the living space. We used a combination of both roman blinds, along with our sheer curtains to tie the theme together and bring our clients vision to fruition.

Dual roller blinds are being showcased in a smaller living area to depict how the blinds can be used to diffuse and reduce the lighting in an area.
The best of both worlds.

One of the greatest benefits of having a dual roller blind is that you get the best of both worlds; you can choose to soften the natural light entering a space, whilst also having the option to significantly darken a living space. Our client wanted to have choice so we made it happen for them.

Elegant curtains that are grey coloured shown in a Unique Blinds project within a Sydney home.
Elegance at its finest.

Our client felt like they were so close to achieving their dream home but felt there was something missing to tie the space together. They sought a modern look but wanted to build an environment that spoke to elegance. We opted for a grey finish to nicely complement the neutral colour scheme.

Need More Ideas? Look No Further.