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Vertical blinds that are white coloured are displayed within a kitchen focused living area to nicely tie together the clients living space.

Vertical Blinds

Our vertical blinds vary greatly with a fine selection of options to suit any home or office space in Sydney.

Roller Blinds are depicted in a living space for light dimming within the space. This project showcases one of the many projects completed by unique blinds in Sydney.

Roller Blinds

Wondering how to achieve a minimalistic look for your living spaces? Our roller blinds can help with that.

Dual Layered roller blinds are being pictured in a Sydney home.

Double Roller Blinds

Maybe you would prefer to have the best of both worlds with a dual roller blind; light diffusion and reduction in one.

Roman Blinds

If you're looking to diffuse the lighting in your home to produce a softer space, roman blinds are the perfect choice.

A subset of Unique Blinds' motorised sheer curtains is being depicted in a Sydney home to tie together a families minimalistic living room design.

Motorised Blinds/Curtains

Looking for added convenience? Our Alpha and Somfy motorised blinds open and close your blinds seamlessly.

Elegant curtains that are grey coloured shown in a Unique Blinds project within a Sydney home.


With our unique range of curtains, you can speak to elegance and minimalism whilst complementing your space.

In this image, the roller shutters offered by Unique Blinds are shown on the external of the house. The black framing of the roller shutters nicely follows the grey brick colour scheme.

Roller Shutters

We know that a warm and welcoming home is important to you. Our roller shutters help keep unwanted guests out.

Folding Arm Awnings

Ever wondered how to reduce harsh light from reaching your entertainment area? Folding arm awnings can help with that.

Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor awnings make a difference to not only the amount of sun light entering your home, but also its aesthetics.

Plantation shutters are being displayed in a Sydney home installation done by Unique Blinds. The service area was a bathroom with the blinds situated above the bath tub.

Plantation Shutters

With a wide range of plantation shutters, we can ensure that your living space feels more complete with a unique look.

Sheer elegance curtains are shown within a modern living space after being installed by the team at Unique Blinds.

Sheer Elegance

Your home is your gem. At unique blinds we understand that, helping to polish your gem with sheer elegance offerings.

Security Doors

Having a safe home or office space shouldn't mean a compromise in style. We use CrimSafe to keep intruders out.

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